The M&H Legend

In the late ‘40s, there was an influx of gear heads, fresh out of the military with an intense need for speed. From modified street cars to home-built machines, racers quickly gained knowledge about making their hot rods quicker and faster. Not long after the nation’s first few drag strips opened to the public, racers began experimenting with tires. At the time, a purpose-built racing tire was something that only existed in Indy car or other forms of round-track racing.

In the 1930’s Harry Rifchin opened a tire sales and recap business for passenger cars and trucks.  His son, Marvin, worked with him and had a passion for midget and stock car racing.  This passion would lead Marvin to develop a special rubber compound designed to work much better for racing than the standard recap rubber that was currently being used (which was meant for regular highway service use, and not racing). He reached out to their recap rubber supplier, Denman Rubber Mfg. Co. of Warren, OH, to produce a new racing recap rubber using his compounds.  It was around this time that the M&H Tire Company was formed (Named for Marvin and his father Harry). Read More