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Looking for Tires to Fit Your 16.5" Wheels? We have them! Interco Tire Corporation is proud to offer tires sizes that other companies just don't. If your looking for tires to fit your 16.5" rim (wheels), browse our off-road tire selection and you'll find the largest selection of tires to fit them on the planet.

The Sniper ATV/UTV Tire The Interco Sniper UTV/ATV tire was designed with high performance UTV/ATVs, and their owners, in mind. The Sniper is a highly puncture resistant, 8-ply tire that sports 2 lugs (1.5 in ATV sizes), enhanced side-wall design and is relatively light weight

Customer Testimonial I would just like to say Thank You for professional service you provided for me. I have been using Super Swamper tires for the past 20 yrs and have never encountered a problem. Thank you again for your help and supplying the best off road tires, RS

NEW BOGGER SIZES NOW IN STOCK 35X12.50-15(B-150), 35X12.50-16(B-151), 35X12.50-17(B-147), 35X12.50-20(B-148), 35X12.50-22(B-149), 42.5X13.50-20(B-144) & 42.5X13.50-22(B-145)

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